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Plus One Vibrating Bullet Travel Bag

At the identical time, the elastic properties of coal rock are launched quickly, the unstable coal rock is thrown to the free surface, and then the rockburst holes are initially formed.(3)Development stage: after the rockburst is triggered, a stable structure is not formed in the encircling rock instantaneously. However, due to the massive thickness of the “red seam,” there’s an incomplete fracture at one time, and the rock fracture or the rock block that is not completely fractured kinds an articulated construction. The movement equation of this process is expressed bywhere is the mass of the bullet, ; h is the deformation of the target, mm; is the resistance of the goal, MPa; t is the contact time, ms; and is the initial velocity of the bullet, m/s. By substituting equation (23) into the expression of vibration vitality issue, equation (24) will be obtained by combining :the place is the mass of the excavated chamber, kg, and is the shape coefficient. In essence, the impression power issue reflects the transmission capacity of bullet impression power.

After all, the physical meaning of is identical because the affect vitality consider ballistic engineering; that is, displays the flexibility of a disturbing physique to launch energy in the movement. The above equation can be written as equation (10) for the rockburst triggered by disturbance of the mine earthquake:where is the energy generated by vibration disturbance, J; is the static load vitality (i.e., the accumulated elastic energy of rock mass after excavation), J; and is the mine earthquake action coefficient. 1), the rock blocks A and B in the “red seam” have been or tended to be suspended, and the static friction power between the rock blocks is difficult to take care of its structural balance under the gravity of the higher strata. The thickness of “red seam” is big and arduous, and the fracture of “red seam” beneath the influence of mining is usually incomplete. The working face mining or roadway driving disturbs the overlying excessive-degree “red seam,” and the fracture of the “red seam” induces mine earthquake. When the rockburst destroys the working face, the robust disturbance is prompted to the unstable “red seam” overburden; when the rockburst occurs, the damaged coal rock may be thrown out, and the formed rockburst holes and delicate coal rock present more free space for the strata movement.

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